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Market Research

One of the core foundations that can help you understand how your brand will perform is absolutely Market Research. A small number of companies can be undervalued but it's one of the most powerful tools that can gather a large amount of data regarding your targeting markets, customers targeting, and demographics. Getting customers' opinions and feedback about a product/service will help you understand your weak and strong points.

Customized Service

Our staff strives towards the boundaries to meet our client's expectations. We use various tools to achieve their needs and fit their project within their deadlines. A dedicated customer service will assist you with any issues you might face with your project needs.

Product Development

Turn your ideas into a billion-dollar business. From conceptualization to brand launch, we provide you with all the tools to define how worth is your product/service by the currently available industry and also your competitors. Your idea should be unique and outstanding towards your competitors so you can get most of their targeting audience.

Events Implementation

Translating your wish & idea into a creative and memorable event by providing a customized strategy, carefully-planned logistics and a dedicated team of experts.

  • Logistics & Facilities
  • Access Control
  • Ticket Exchange
  • Cashless System
  • Camping Services
  • Event Security
  • Sanitary Solutions

Evaluation & Monitoring

We believe every marketing expense must be viewed as an investment and we prove the ROI of our work with quantifiable data. Welcome to the era of performance marketing, where we can constantly measure the actions of consumers and the results driven by your marketing strategy.

We focus on KPIs to assess marketing results in a qualitative and quantitative way.

Our strategists routinely track analytics across your brand’s channels to improve optimization plans, which we share through reporting and data visualization.


Discover how our marketing touch will help grow your brand by offering expertise in

  • Communication Strategy and Plan
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Management 
  • Media Buying
  • Creative design and production
  • Influencers Management 
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Consulting 
  • Website Design and Development
  • E-commerce solution

Analyzing and Reporting

Organizing and planning a report it’s a critical and vital task for our client’s businesses as their base foundation to improve and react to their company performance. It can also improve drastically their value and performance. Long-term reporting and analyzing data defines how the company will perform during the following quarter and it can prevent the business from flopping

Strategy & Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish. That's why we help you build your business goal and targets, in-depth SWOT Analysis to define where your organization's marketing plan lacks the most and what can be done to perform it. Good Strategic Planning can help you create something extensive that can turn your ideas into action.

Consumer Research

Let’s face it, the covid pandemic has thrown the marketing rule book out the window and the consumer mindset during the dizzying heights of 2019 has completely changed. As such, tourism market research has to change too. How people travel, what they want to see, and where they want to go has all changed significantly. The data and demographics you have all been using for years is no longer relevant for today’s market.

Website Traffic

In a competitive market with crazy numbers having a growing and stable website traffic is very important for your business in the long term. At Citrus, we value a lot where most of the traffic comes from and how to convert that one into leads and sales based on our organization's targets. Our experience will help your brand convert potential clients into leads and sales. Analyze your competitors' SEO, PPC, and SMM campaigns, and turn data into intelligent ideas to scale your business!

Competitor Analysis in the Tourism Marketing Industry

Taking a closer look at your competitors allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of both your immediate and potential competition across the digital landscape. By doing so, you will gain better insights and knowledge, helping you (and us) to create more effective marketing strategies.

Keyword Research

To put it bluntly, without conducting keyword research, your digital marketing could be aimed at absolutely no one — or it could be aimed at thousands of people, none of whom are actually your target audience…With more than 8.5 billion searches a day on Google Search Engine is the main tool for your brand to achieve progressive growth. 

Data Science & Analytics

As Technology grows with rapid steps, the data becomes more complex and less recognizable for the users. We revolutionise the way of using big data. Our robust software analyses, organize and gain insights into the information that you have. By doing this we can understand how the company is performing and what we can do to perform better.

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